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Whether you're suffering from TMD or your nights are affected by sleep apnea, it can leave you questioning what treatment options are available to you. At Bright Dental, we understand how debilitating both conditions can be. That's why we're passionate about helping our clients live healthy and comfortable lives through oral appliances and orthodontic intervention.

No matter how long you've been suffering, our skilled dental team, led by Dr. Maria Garcia, is here to help you receive the relief you deserve. Call us today or visit our office to schedule your next appointment and get the Houston TMD and sleep apnea treatment you deserve!


How Are TMD & Sleep Apnea Connected?

Although most people know what TMD and sleep apnea are, very few understand that the two conditions can be linked together. TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is characterized by recurring jaw pain and limited mobility of your jaw joints. Sleep apnea, on the other hand, is a sleep disorder that causes you to repeatedly stop and start breathing through the night. Untreated sleep apnea can leave you with limited energy during the day and cause chronic headaches.

Research has shown that TMD and sleep apnea can share a connection and that if an individual suffers from one condition, they have a high probability of experiencing symptoms of the other. For example, when your airway collapses from sleep apnea, your body automatically responds by protruding your lower jaw forward. As this sequence happens through the night, it can cause stress and tension in your jaw joints. Additionally, TMD symptoms are known to worsen when you're chronically fatigued.

Providing You with Effective Treatment Options

When you visit our office for the first time, we'll begin by asking you questions about your symptoms and treatment history. Have you already been diagnosed with sleep apnea? How severe is the pain in your jaw joints? We'll also check to see if you've completed a sleep study, as it's necessary for us to determine which of our options if right for you. Dr. Garcia will also conduct an exam by looking at either your airway or your jawbones. Finally, we'll present you with a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions about each of our suggested services, as we never want you to feel like you're being rushed into treatment. Our practice's treatment options include the following:

Oral Splints: An oral splint is a removable dental appliance that's designed to cover your upper and lower sets of teeth. Typically, oral splints are made of acrylic resin and molded to your smile for a durable and comfortable appliance. An oral split is popular for its adaptability, as it can help treat both TMD and sleep apnea. By preventing your tongue from blocking your throat and shifting your lower jaw forward, you can breathe easier at night while relieving jaw tension and discomfort.

Orthodontics: Although most people understand the power of orthodontics to correct dental misalignment, most are unaware that it can treat TMD and sleep apnea. Dental misalignment is often associated with maldeveloped jaws, which can lead to difficulty breathing during sleep and increased jaw pressure and pain. Our team will work with you to establish an orthodontic plan that helps align your teeth and get your jaws back in their proper positions.

TMD Treatment and Sleep Appliances FAQs

At Bright Dental, we genuinely care that you have the information you need to make informed and confident health decisions. That's why our team is more than happy to answer your questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions about TMD treatment and sleep appliances include:

What are some common symptoms of TMD?
TMD can manifest itself in various symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of TMD include face and jaw tenderness, difficulty opening your mouth, popping sounds in the jaw joint, and chronic headaches.

What are the risk factors for sleep apnea?
Sleep apnea is more common in males than females, as well as older adults. Some of the risk factors for sleep apnea include obesity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and family history. Our team will work with you to identify your risk factors and address them alongside our treatment options.

Would I need both forms of treatment?
Although oral appliances alone are enough to treat most of our patients, you may also need orthodontic therapy. However, you can rest assured that we'll work to make your overall experience as stress-free as possible. From helping you understand how to care for your appliance or braces to making scheduling appointments easier, we're here for you.

Sleep Apnea & TMJ Treatment in Houston

At Bright Dental, we're proud to provide extensive treatment options to address sleep apnea and TMD. Our team has the skills and experience to treat everything from minor to severe cases. From the moment you walk through our doors, you're in seasoned and capable hands. Contact us today to book your appointment and get the Houston TMJ and sleep apnea treatment you need to get your life back on track!



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